Synagogue Modeling Project

Thanks to a summer stipend from the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies and a year-long graduate fellowship from the Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative, I have been begun a 3D modeling project where I am visualizing a series of ancient synagogues.  By following this link, you can see 3D models, 360-degree photos, and orthophotos (bird’s-eye-view) of the synagogues of Bet Alpha, En Gedi, Hammat Tiberias, and Sepphoris.


For the past year and a half, I have worked in the Research Laboratories of Archaeology at UNC-Chapel Hill with photogrammetry and web design as well as completed several personal projects.

Some of my models can be viewed by clicking on the Photogrammetry link above.  You can access my SketchFab account by clicking the link.

Virtual Reality

Using Unity3D, C# scripting, and the HTC Vive I have been transforming some of my Unity3D projects to be explorable in virtual reality.  At the moment, I am creating a GUI and model package for the Huqoq Excavation Project where I work in the summer.

My larger synagogue project, once complete, will be explorable in room-scale virtual reality with the HTC Vive.  I will be using these models and the HTC Vive at presentations in November 2016 at the annual conferences of ASOR and SBL.