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Modeling Ambiguity Project

Paper and Topic Introduction Below you will find a brief paper written for “Intro to Digital Humanities,” a graduate seminar,  in which I briefly explore the idea of modeling ambiguity in academic 3D modeling projects.  A link to the test-environment for the modeling of ambiguous environments can be found here. Method for Modeling Ambiguity My original proposal for our class project was to construct a model of the ancient Qumran settlement to display ambiguous interpretations of Qumran’s archaeological record. When I began to create the first model of a building at Qumran, I realized I did not have access to a […]

SBL and ASOR Presentations

As luck would have it, my ASOR paper is schedule to be presented today on the last day of the ASOR conference, and my SBL paper is also scheduled for today, the first day of the SBL conference. Thanks to a colleague from Brandeis University, I will be presenting my ASOR paper while she is reading my SBL paper on my behalf. If anyone from either of those conferences winds up on this webpage, I wanted to provide a brief roadmap of how to access different aspects of my project. Below, you will find a list and links to everything. […]

New Web Page, Finally!

A little over a year ago, I stupidly transferred my domain to a new server host without first backing up my website.  Domain transfers usually take a few days, so I confirmed the transfer, grabbed some lunch, logged onto the hosting server to be greeted by a blank screen.  My domain had already been moved. I put off creating a new website for quite a while due to other ongoing projects, but this past week, I sat down, reviewed some PHP, and created a new WordPress theme and site. I will use this blog throughout the year to provide commentary on biblical […]